Fake watches-Finish a high imitation watch that looks more like the Cal.3255 movement

Authentic 263 Weekly Logs (DayDate) These are just the tip of the iceberg. If you change the mix according to the high imitation table, the high-definition Rolex (DayDate) 40mm+36mm can produce at least 3,000 different models. Yes, you have not misread, 3000 kinds, this is also the high imitation watches mall that I manage. I have been reluctant to update one of the important reasons for installing the DayDate of the 2824 calibre, because if all the shots are at least enough After one year's time update, the time cost + photography cost will cost at least nearly half a million replica watches, because the high imitation table matching scheme includes genuine and higher than genuine.

The high imitation Rolex Day-Date in the picture below is actually a style that is not genuine. You can notice that this watch is actually a circle of the mouth of the M228239 with the Day-Date 40mm shell type + strap M228206. The combination of the replica watch, there is no clear model of this rep-lica watches in the genuine.

About the high imitation Cal.3255 calibre is actually combined with the imitation OMEGA Cal.8500, imitation OMEGA Cal.9300 deck experience, and a layer of deck on the standard 2836 calibre, while the original 2836 calibre automatic Rudder, remove and replace the new automatic rudder. This completes a high imitation watch that looks more like the Cal.3255 movement.

About the high-profile replica Rolex Day-Date related spy photos, as well as a detailed explanation of this latest imitation Cal.3255 calibre, and finally a set of hands-on pictures, if you are on this Interested in Day-Date fake watches, I will take the time to disassemble this watch in the future.