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About Mini-Rotor (Pearl Rudder) What I know is only the information that some seniors searched on the Internet. Then I will use my method to repeat it. I will post the related references. Everyone is interested to see.

Authentic replica watches for the development of the pearl rudder must be before 1955, the first pearl rudder movement was born in Universal (Universe) is our manufacturer of the target pearl rudder today, to be honest Swiss replica watches, forgive me time It is relatively short. When I first heard the words "Cosmic Card", I immediately thought of Mr. Ma Ji's cross talk. "Cosmic cigarettes" always feel that this is a liar brand, or a comparison Joke. s things.

After checking a lot of information, I found out that it was really not a flicker. The only advantage of the Mini-Rotor was that the automatic rudder of the entire replica watch was hidden in the secondary deck of the movement, which made the case thinner. At that time, the era was revolutionary, but the trend of the market will become, especially the fashionable things like watches. In the future development of mechanical replica watches, high energy storage, diving, timing, and gradually become the mainstream, fiber Thin is no longer what the end customer values, and the pearl rudder has gradually faded. However, after 1970, ETA introduced a more "small movement" ETA 2892 with a higher energy storage time than the replica watches pearl rudder. Pearl rudder also has no market, which is the result of the Pearl rudder invention brand Universal and the pearl rudder patent holding brand Buren, gradually becoming a completely unknown "noisy card" until the famous luxury brand Piaget ( Piaget) launched the famous 12P movement, (this movement is loaded with the Guinness World Record, so far, the thinnest mechanical self-winding replica watch movement on the planet) has 2 36 parts, only 2.3mm thick, are thinner than some quartz movements. I don't know because the 50-year patent protection period has passed, and it is still popular with gentlemen. With Piaget, Patek Philippe, and VC (Vacheron Constantin) based on Universal's theory and design, new ones have been developed. Mini-Rotor, and into its own replica watch series, the instant pearl rudder has become synonymous with the "high on the watch" in the watch, and has become the object sought by many high-end customers.