Replica watches-An imitation Panerai OP XII movement

Regarding this movement, although I bought it for real shooting and understood his principles, I really have a lot of say, because this movement is too old, he was the movement produced in 1965 in Universal. The model is 2-66, which has been around for 53 years swiss replica watches. Now there is absolutely no "new replica watch" or "new movement". It is already very good to find the real thing.

I still have some say about the details of this fake watch. After all, the watch is using the most popular Incabloc (in addition to the record) and the 18800VPH low-frequency calibre. Very beautiful sun and radiant Polish, while engraving on the deck, printed in gold font, this process is similar to the ETA 6497-1 calibre Polish, and then printed in blue font to complete a imitation Pei Nahai's OP XII movement.

In the end, I will pass an advertisement picture. I believe that after reading this article, everyone has a real understanding of the Pearl Rudder. This is not a very difficult, or tall, replica watches technology. This technology can pass. Renovating the existing self-winding movement, such as MIYOTA 9015, or a Chinese-made domestic movement, of course, Piaget's 12P mechanical core is as thick as a quartz movement. This is still very great, if you are very happy The watch of the Pearl Rudder hopes to have a commemorative pearl rudder, so the Earl's 12P is the best choice.